Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip Back Home

I went back home to Mobile to get things in order for my grandmother. She had fallen and broke her arm, but was doing good . . . We arranged for her to go to a daycare facility to give my grandpa a break (she has Alzheimer's) and she and my grandfather are going to have meals delivered. Physically she's very healthy, especially since she's going to be turning 86 soon. But Mentally she's getting worse. These arrangements will hold out for the time being, but she's going to need alot more care on down the road. I cut her hair for her and styled it. She was the best customer! Had a wonderful drama-free visit with her. Although she's so sneaky, my new nickname for her is "sticky-fingers". The reason why is because if you leave ANYTHING laying out she will take it and hide it. After talking with the director of the Alzheimer's daycare facility this is very normal behaviour for people stricken with Alzheimer's. One morning while I was there I was at her back porch knocking on her glass doors trying to get her to answer, I didn't see her inside. And it was getting rather chili. I had my laptop and a binder filled with paperwork concerning her so I laid it down on her porch table, so I could go back around to the front and get my jacket out of my car, when I came back my stuff was gone and she was no where to be found! She had came outside got my laptop and binder took it inside and hid it! You can't confront her or ask her about it because she won't remember . . . So me and my grandfather took turns occupying her while the other would go search. We found everything, in various places/drawers under clothes. But you can't get mad because in her mind its her stuff.

PS For anyone wondering why I didn't come see them while I was in town, I would of loved too but it was a very rushed trip. I was only there for a short time and had to get alot done!

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eljay716 said...

oh Natasha she is beautiful. I am sorry she is stricken with this. God bless you.