Monday, January 26, 2009

This Weekend

Had a nice weekend, on Saturday I took the boys to an indoor skate park called Ramp48, it was really cool, they boys had a blast!
Its basically just this huge warehouse building with different ramps and rails for jumping and grinding on your skates or skateboard. They had a snack bar and game area, I let them skate for over three hours and they still didn't want to leave. On Wednesdays they have a bible study there for the kids and if you go you can skate for free, I told the boys I would take them if they went to the bible study! :-) Hey, whatever works right?

So Saturday night me and Jerry went out on our weekly date night, I planned the whole thing and I must say we had a great night! Went and saw that Clint Eastwood film Gran Torino, it was an awesome movie and surprisingly it was quite funny too. I think its one of his best films to date! Afterwards went across the parking lot to Champs (sports bar) and watched the UFC fight on there big screens. I must say I much rather go sit at sports bar and have someone serve me food and drinks rather then pay the $60 to watch the fight at home and make my own drinks! Also so much more exciting watching it with a bunch of people drinking and having a good time!

Sunday Jerry took the boys to the hanger to work on his plane . . .

Me and Summer had a nice quit day around the house, she played with her girlfriend next door and I cleaned out my scrap room! Oh I also made some homemade chicken Tortilla Soup out of my new favorite recipe book,HungryGirl another awesome recipe, I'm 4-0 so far all these recipes are turning out great! Everyone loved it and had seconds, Jerry took the last of it to work with him today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why didn't I make a video!

*********************Caution HUGE SPOILER ******************
(if you don't want to know about the bachelor and who he picks then don't read!)

I've been watching the bachelor since it first aired years ago, although it doesn't have a good history record as far as couples they've actually put together. I think there's only two couples that are still together one married and the other one lives together. But its entertaining, anyways when they were doing these promos for this new season I, using my tivo in slow motion noticed that when they film at the end of the season Jason purposing to this mystery girl she was wearing a pinkie ring on her right hand. So I told Summer (my 10 year old) who watches it with me, Don't judge , that we need to pay attention to the girls and see who wears a pinkie ring, BINGO, that's when I discovered who he purposes to! And I must say I'm pleased! So just when I thought that I was a genius, some guy in Canada notices the ring thing too and does a YouTube Video on it! Get out! Wished I would of thought to do that! See Video below but beware only watch if you want to know who he picks! I bet the ABC editors are kicking themselves about now, there's always been rumors in the past seasons when they would do the promos but nothing this detailed . . .

New Sabbath Day

Yep didn't you hear today is the new Sabbath Day, ok all joking aside I do wish Obama well. I think Rod Williams put it in perspective on what the best thing Obama could do in his presidency, I will only quote a small portion because the whole thing is quite long. You can follow the link above to read it all . . .

"I think that whatever success Obama may have as President, his greatest success may be that he can change Black society. I can only imagine the pride that many Blacks must be feeling as they see a Black man achieve the ultimate success in becoming the most influential and powerful person in the world. Certainly we have had other Black role models recently. The Bush administration featured Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, yet I suspect that having a Black man at the very top of the ladder can have an impact that other Blacks in lesser positions cannot have."

"My hope for America is that Blacks will aspire to look and act like Barack Obama and not the pimp on the corner, or the drug dealer, or the rapper, or the thug athlete. I hope that the image of the Obama household where a family consisting of two successful parents and two little girls living in a normal, loving, and supportive environment sinks into the psyche of every Black kid across America. I hope that Blacks see that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. I hope they learn to value education. I hope that speaking normal English and being responsible and working hard and studying and having aspirations is no longer considered “acting white.”

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sometimes it takes me awhile . . . I'm twittering now and kept thinking there has to be some way of seeing everyone's update without going to the main twitter page . . . Duh! Found it you can download one of these so you can keep up! Twitter Applications, I can tell this is going to be addicting! Oh, no I'm in trouble they have an application for the Iphone! Ok, come on people twitter with me!

Are you Fast?

How Fast can you type . . . .

Try it out its fun! You can refresh my page to get a new sentence!

speed typing test (c)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Day of Rest

Well Jerry went to river ranch this weekend with some buddies, it was a last minute thing, but I'm glad he decided to go, he came back just a little while ago and he had a really good time, Its in the middle of no where, he called it Redneck Heaven. They basically just camped out rode mud buggies and sat by the campfire. He described it like a hunting camp, so they really didn't "camp out" they had a bed in a house like on stillts. Jerry's the guy on the left end. You can click the picture to see it larger.

Today I spent most of the day in bed, still sick with whatever this is . . . but I watched a really good movie on showtime called "Bonneville",It apparently came out last year but I don't remember hearing about it. It was so good a real tear jerker, but of course it doesn't take much to make me cry. It was about a women (Jessica Lang) who's husband dies and her and her two best friends, Joann Allen, and Kathy Bates take a road trip to disperse of his ashes. It was definitely one of those films that would be fun to see with your girlfriends. But I did manage to make it out of bed to make a chopped salad recipe out of my new favorite cook book!

Its called Hungry Girl Recipes she has a newsletter that you can subscribe to that offers tips and tricks to eating healthy. But this book is awesome! Anyways I made the Buffalo Chicken Choppity Chop on page 31 It was awesome and used only 5 ingredients! I'm not sure I can post the recipe, not sure if its leagal? But if you want the recipe just email me! I was craving buffalo wings, and this hit the spot! Even the kids loved it, I'm thinking it would be good to make the night before and put in there lunches. Here's a picture of it but mine didn't look like this, I think mine looked better actually because I chopped my ingredients really fine.

Me and Jerry are going on our "date night" tonight because he wasn't here last night, which is usually when we go. I think we're gonna go to our old faithful, Bonefish Grill, we always leave there happy :-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Print your Blog!

I remember growing up my grandmother used to write in her diary every night, she had a tons of books saved and I loved when she would call me into her bedroom and pull out a diary from the previous year and tell me what we did, where we went, who I was dating at the time! She raised me from the age of 13 so we were very close, she now has Alzheimer's and isn't doing well, So now those diaries are even more precious. I've tried to keep a diary every night but I fail over and over again, but I found this site blogworldwhere you can print your blog, you can edit it pick a cover picture and everything! Blogs being the modern day diary's I think this is the perfect way to preserve them!

Chalean is kicking my butt!

I started the Chalean Extreme program on Monday and man oh man, its rough! But the accomplishment I feel after the workout makes it all worth wild, at least until the next day when I can't make it up or down my stairs! I'm hoping her method of lifting extreme heavy weights is gonna work, ok I'm gonna be positive, I know its going to work! Looking at her and her sister there not bulky at all and they lift heavy, there's even a lady on the videos that you would never guess is 60 and looks fabulous!

Friday, January 2, 2009


The kids got invited to my friend Yvonne's house for a play date, so I went with Jerry on the bike to Stuart part work part play. We decided to go to the historical downtown district for lunch but wasn't sure where to go so we happened upon this restaurant called the Oyster Bar and Seafood Cafe
The name appealed to me since I love oysters so we chanced it, and let me just say the food was absolutely wonderful.
They had oysters from four different regions to choose from, now I've eaten oysters in alot of places but I've never been able to choose from which region I wanted my oysters from. I couldn't decide so per Jerry's suggestion I got three of each kind! I had the best salad I've ever eaten, Jerry had some awesome Lobster chowder. Anyways if your ever in Stuart make a point to go here, oh yeah and the service was excellent they even gave us our dessert on the house!

I also wanted to add that Stuart is a fun day trip because in there historical downtown district there all kinds of little shops you can walk around and visit, after lunch we walked to a nearyby Fudge/Candy shop and got some to go goodies for the kids!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years

Happy New Year Everyone!
So according to tradition I made a big New Years Day Dinner, we had black eye peas, fried cabbage with sausage and this awesome homemade broccoli and cheese cornbread. Yes I know so fattning but oh so good! We didn't do a whole lot of anything today but eat and lay around, My favorite way to spend the holidays! LOL