Monday, January 26, 2009

This Weekend

Had a nice weekend, on Saturday I took the boys to an indoor skate park called Ramp48, it was really cool, they boys had a blast!
Its basically just this huge warehouse building with different ramps and rails for jumping and grinding on your skates or skateboard. They had a snack bar and game area, I let them skate for over three hours and they still didn't want to leave. On Wednesdays they have a bible study there for the kids and if you go you can skate for free, I told the boys I would take them if they went to the bible study! :-) Hey, whatever works right?

So Saturday night me and Jerry went out on our weekly date night, I planned the whole thing and I must say we had a great night! Went and saw that Clint Eastwood film Gran Torino, it was an awesome movie and surprisingly it was quite funny too. I think its one of his best films to date! Afterwards went across the parking lot to Champs (sports bar) and watched the UFC fight on there big screens. I must say I much rather go sit at sports bar and have someone serve me food and drinks rather then pay the $60 to watch the fight at home and make my own drinks! Also so much more exciting watching it with a bunch of people drinking and having a good time!

Sunday Jerry took the boys to the hanger to work on his plane . . .

Me and Summer had a nice quit day around the house, she played with her girlfriend next door and I cleaned out my scrap room! Oh I also made some homemade chicken Tortilla Soup out of my new favorite recipe book,HungryGirl another awesome recipe, I'm 4-0 so far all these recipes are turning out great! Everyone loved it and had seconds, Jerry took the last of it to work with him today.

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