Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why didn't I make a video!

*********************Caution HUGE SPOILER ******************
(if you don't want to know about the bachelor and who he picks then don't read!)

I've been watching the bachelor since it first aired years ago, although it doesn't have a good history record as far as couples they've actually put together. I think there's only two couples that are still together one married and the other one lives together. But its entertaining, anyways when they were doing these promos for this new season I, using my tivo in slow motion noticed that when they film at the end of the season Jason purposing to this mystery girl she was wearing a pinkie ring on her right hand. So I told Summer (my 10 year old) who watches it with me, Don't judge , that we need to pay attention to the girls and see who wears a pinkie ring, BINGO, that's when I discovered who he purposes to! And I must say I'm pleased! So just when I thought that I was a genius, some guy in Canada notices the ring thing too and does a YouTube Video on it! Get out! Wished I would of thought to do that! See Video below but beware only watch if you want to know who he picks! I bet the ABC editors are kicking themselves about now, there's always been rumors in the past seasons when they would do the promos but nothing this detailed . . .

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