Wednesday, January 27, 2010


They just had the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade Show in Anaheim CA. So for us scrapbookers that means new stuff is coming!!! I've been drooling over all the new stuff and thought I would share some of what I found . . . So you can drool too!

Here's a video of Tim Holtz demonstrating his new die cutting machine

Maya Road

And would you believe you can decorate cakes with the new Cake Decorating Cricut! Apparently some cake decorators were already using the regualr cricut to do this, Then Provo Craft decided to come out with this new machine that can be taken apart and cleaned. Here check it out on this blog, Obsessed with Scrapbooking

Here's a great blog to get a sneek peek, she went and took lots of photos! Torendi

Here's where you can check out all the new Prima stuff coming out!For the love of life

Quest to find Snow!

December 23rd, we headed out to spend Christmas in the mountains of North Carolina!

On our way up this was our first sighting of snow, the kids were squealing and wanted to get out right then and play in it. We had to explain to them we were still going up the mountain and there would be plenty of snow higher up!

This is where we stayed,Iron Horse, Jerry and some of his buddies had stayed here in the Spring when they went on a motorcycle trip and he became friends with the manager so that's how it came about us going here for Christmas.

Our Cabin

This is what we walked into . . . We were so happy to see a tree! Jerry had went out bought a tree and decoration and shipped it up. He paid the cleaning crew to put it up so he could surprise us with it!

Here's some more pictures of the cabin . . .

Christmas Eve we were headed out to go snow tubing this was taken on the wrap around porch.

This was the view from our Cabin

Summer coming down in the tube!

On Christmas Day after we opened all the presents we headed further up the mountain to find some white fluffy snow so that we could make a snowman!

The snow we found was the white fluffy kind but what you can't see in all our pictures is just how cold it was, it was freezing and windy! I snapped this picture of J.J. just as he was complaining about how it was so cold his face was burning! Evidently though it wasn't cold enough for him to go sit in the heated truck!

Kids toasting with apple cider!

We took the lifts up the mountain in Gatlinburg, TN. This is J.J. and Jerry

Me and the kids at the top over the lookout point

Had to do some shopping while we were there, here's Summer showing off her purse she bought with the money her grandma sent her. Yes, its Elvis, she and my niece love anything Elvis!

We took one day and went to Cataloochee Ski Resort so the kids could go snowboarding.

On the way out I snapped this photo . . . this stream runs through the property, its so beautiful up here. Can't wait to come back!