Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack

I don't know if I should feel honored or ashamed. I haven't posted in so long and while I was at the Fried Green Tomato Crop I had so many people comment about why I haven't posted lately on my blog. So with that said I feel honored that you all care enough or should I say are nosy enough (I say that with an evil laugh) to come read my blog!

So with those mixed emotions I'm going to BLOG now!

I had a wonderful long weekend. I went to the Hilltop Memories "Fried Green Tomato Crop" in Sebring, FL. I went up a day early and met Becky there. We went out for dinner Thursday night then Friday morning we did some shopping and then we headed out to the Henscratch Winery . As far as Winery's goes this was a little different then the ones I've been to before because is a self guided tour. But we still enjoyed it and we got to pick our own Muscadines and Scuppernongs. After the winery we headed back to the hotel to the Crop.

I didn't get as much scrapbooking done as I would of liked to but it was just nice to get away and have fun with my scrapping buddies. We made lots of memories and had lots of laughs! As always the Crop rocked, the food was excellent, the company even better! We played a game Teri introduced to us where her and Linda passed out rolls of toilet paper and we were supposed to tear off what we "needed" that's all they would tell us. Well I thought I would play smart and wrap it around me,several times! Turned out not to be such a smart move, because after everyone had there toilet paper they announced that for every little sheet we had to stand and state a fact about ourselves! Needless to say I had come up with a whole lot of facts! I ended up telling way more then I wanted to, but it was fun because we got to learn alot about everyone!

If you all know me you know one of my guilty summer pleasures is watching the Big Brother Show . . . Well wouldn't you know the weekend I'm away the house gets turned upside down! But the hotel had WIFI and in between socializing and scrapbooking I tried to watch the live feeds on my computer and stay updated hanging out on the BBDish Blog . Here's a brief summary for those of you who watch of what when down A new sheriff in town

When I got home Sunday evening Jerry and the kids had the house cleaned and the laundry done and they had a big surprise for me in the back yard. They had been working there tails off all weekend working on the backyard putting in mulch and putting up a stone border all the way around the yard. But the kids let me know Jerry did let them take a break and took them them to a Monster Truck Show Saturday night.

I'm posting pictures in a slideshow here of the projects I finished. One was a "Home" book done with a kit downloaded from the House of Three. Now this kit I started on my Savannah Scrapbooking Train Trip but I didn't like the colors I was going to go with so I totally re-did it. The other project was a little mini book I had promised J.J. I would make for him.

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:Jayne said...

Wow! Those are awesome! Great job! I love your house book, it's just darling. Your book for J.J. is perfect for a guys book.

Anonymous said...

Love the albums! The house one is especially beautiful. Glad I got to see you ........ or should I have said glad you got to see me! LOL!! Whichever, it was a fun weekend!

rebecca lucille said...

LOVE THE BLOG GIRLIE! ok... I'm gonna have to update mine too!
Loved spending time with ya in Sebring...we should do it more often!

Blasé said...

That is great you've come back to blogging. I guess you'll be back in Nov??