Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Brother Fans Only!

Ok, so if you don't know what the heck the Big Brother show is or you know but thinks its a waste of time then you need to close out this post . . . . This post is not for you! I have to ramble a bit about the show and my feelings about the players, my husband is sick of hearing about it!

First of all let me address the fact that there's a big difference between being a TV only viewers of the show and being a live feeds viewers. But if you don't want to spend the money on the live feeds or you don't have time then you must stay updated via the BBDish Blog

There's major rumors that there is going to be a endurance competition tonight,I'm hoping so!

* I really don't like Jeff and Jordan's attitude and the way they have been playing the game these past two weeks, Let me say I still like them as a couple and still like them as people and I still want them to at least go to the final 3. But as of right now I'm rooting for Michelle to win, now let me insert a disclaimer that I am subject to change my mind about that between now and the finale.

* Yes, Michelle is quirky and she doesn't have "people skills" but I think she is genuinely a good person and from the tidbits I have heard she comes from a rough childhood. She has been loyal to her alliance with Jeff and Jordan but because she doesn't express herself very well there always questioning her loyalty.

* Jeff and Jordan have done nothing but make fun of and bad mouth Michelle this past week. I think she really likes Jeff and Jordan and I think her feelings will be hurt when she watches the show and see's the stuff they have said. Jeff has been all over Michelle for being nice to Russell, but Jeff is not thinking ahead to the Jury house, You have to be nice sometimes to people you dislike in this game.

*I think Jeff was using the excuse that Russell and Michelle had a final two so he could backdoor Russell. Because I don't get it if they all had a final four then after that they were supposed to duke it out then why wasn't it ok for Michelle to have a final two with Russell, Its obvious that Jeff and Jordan have a final two!

*Natalie and Kevin's plan is to take Jeff out regardless that they promised him and Jordan they wouldn't!

*As of today Jordan's and Jeff's plan is to take Natalie to the final 3 with them!
Jeff and Jordan are hoping Michelle wins the HOH tonight so she can't play next week and they can evict her! Wrong move! Although on the live feeds there were questioning whether Natalie is being truthful to them and thinking she might win and backdoor Jeff. Its about time they open there eyes!

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dawn said...

I think if they take anyone but Michele they don't have a chance. The entire Jury House is allies of Keven/Natalie and they backdoored Russell, so Natalie is the only choice to even have a shot at winning.
I'm hoping for a endurance comp tonight too.