Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Universal Studios

Wow, won't go back there during a holiday break! It was packed we heard rumors that some of the Disney parks were closing because they were at full capacity. We left Saturday morning the 27th and came back Tuesday the 30th. We were smart enough though to get there when the parks opened and go on the newest popular rides first, so that helped. But Jerry and Tre waited an hour to get on the hulk roller coaster and it broke down while they were on the ride he was texting me and keeping me updated because I was with Summer and JJ waiting in line at the spiderman ride.

But the highlight of our trip was going on this ride that wasn't at the parks. It was off of International Drive but its called the Sling Shot, you sit in this circle contraption and it lowers you and pulls you down into this fake volcano then it shoots you 360 feet in the air, and on top of that they have a camera on you so they video tape it for you. It was AWESOME! Me and Tre went together and Jerry and JJ went. Summer opted to watch. Here's a link and you can go see what I'm talking about

Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a great christmas, everyone got what they wanted Santa (AKA Jerry) got me everything I wanted and some things I forgot I wanted and things he thought I'd want! Its a tradition even though the kids know Santa isn't real that the presents santa bring are set out around the tree unwrapped Christmas morning, So Christmas Eve we set out Santa's gifts after the kids went to bed . . . Well Christmas morning when I came down the steps long and behold there were my bowflex weights and a stand I wanted under the tree! I don't know how Jerry pulled it off he must of gotten back up after I was asleep!
Sorry for the blurry pictures I was too lazy to go get my tripod when I snapped these pictures with no flash. So back to Christmas, At the last minute we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, go to the parks and take the kids to see the blue men group, Me and Jerry have already seen the show in Vegas but the kids weren't with us. And let me just say if you haven't seen the blue man group they are awesome, I wasn't too thrilled to go see them in Vegas, Jerry's idea but I was so glad he talked me into it, its nothing like you woud think. So we printed out the confirmation receipts and we folded them up and put them in the kids stockings, so that was a nice surprise for them.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas List

Thought I'd share what I asked "Santa" to bring me, and don't dare say Santa is not real! I BELIEVE! Even though my kids found out that he's not there not allowed to talk about how he's not real around me! LOL So Here's my List see if you can find the theme! LOL
Now I did alot of research on my wishlist . . . These things all got great reviews . . . I've been on a fitness quest (one of those things I fall off the wagon on) but I know come the first of the year I'm gonna wanna jump back on the wagon!
Ok, next I love this women, I have all of her turbo jam videos and they are the best workout I have found that I actually love doing! I can't wait to feel the burn with her new videos!
The next is

I told Santa he could get this cheaper on ebay, I checked ;-) And these go hand in hand with the Chalean videos! I've heard nothing but good things about these!
Ok, next on my list doesn't really follow my theme . . . and its sold out so the only way Santa could get it for me is if he paid alot more on ebay :-( So this might have to wait!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family Christmas Video

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Back on the Wagon!

Ok, so I've fallen off the wagon on blogging alot, Actually there's a few things I've keep falling off the wagon about, but I won't elaborate. But I feel the most important thing is that I get back on the wagon, right? So here I go again . . .

So I'll play catch up from this past weekend, I had a Christmas Party Saturday night for some of my friends, we had the best time, and I drank ALOT, but I enjoyed myself and everyone else seemed to have a good time too! Most of my friends I haven't seen since I've moved back, so it was so nice to see them all! I'll tell you something funny that happened, well alot of funny things happened but the next day Jerry and the kids (they were sleeping upstairs) asked what we broke? And I said broke, nothing got broke and they claimed they heard something fall and break and everyone went whoooooo. I'm like I don't know maybe they broke something and I didn't know about it???? So we looked everywhere for glass, even in the garbage, no luck. Then I went to Tracey's house on Monday (she colored my hair), I told her about it and she said "Yeah something got broke, you're drunk *ss broke it" Leave it to Tracey to tell it like it is! LOL Gotta love her, so yes I broke a martin glass plaque that hung on a wall in my kitchen! Mystery Solved!

So on Sunday morning needless to say I woke up hungover, got sick, took a shower and went back to bed, Jerry got up and him and the kids cleaned up all the dishes and kitchen from the festivities. I got to sleep most the day. Then when I did get up we went to his hanger and we helped him wash and wax his plane. Well let me rephrase that Me and Summer helped the boys played!

Monday I med Tracey for Lunch she did my hair . . . . On Tuesday I met Jerry at the hanger after I dropped the kids off at school and we flew to Okochobee and had breakfast there at there airport, it was the perfect morning there was no wind and Jerry said that's the fastest his plane has ever flown! Ok, so I think I'm caught up for now . . . . I have more christmas shopping to go do!