Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Universal Studios

Wow, won't go back there during a holiday break! It was packed we heard rumors that some of the Disney parks were closing because they were at full capacity. We left Saturday morning the 27th and came back Tuesday the 30th. We were smart enough though to get there when the parks opened and go on the newest popular rides first, so that helped. But Jerry and Tre waited an hour to get on the hulk roller coaster and it broke down while they were on the ride he was texting me and keeping me updated because I was with Summer and JJ waiting in line at the spiderman ride.

But the highlight of our trip was going on this ride that wasn't at the parks. It was off of International Drive but its called the Sling Shot, you sit in this circle contraption and it lowers you and pulls you down into this fake volcano then it shoots you 360 feet in the air, and on top of that they have a camera on you so they video tape it for you. It was AWESOME! Me and Tre went together and Jerry and JJ went. Summer opted to watch. Here's a link and you can go see what I'm talking about

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