Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas List

Thought I'd share what I asked "Santa" to bring me, and don't dare say Santa is not real! I BELIEVE! Even though my kids found out that he's not there not allowed to talk about how he's not real around me! LOL So Here's my List see if you can find the theme! LOL
Now I did alot of research on my wishlist . . . These things all got great reviews . . . I've been on a fitness quest (one of those things I fall off the wagon on) but I know come the first of the year I'm gonna wanna jump back on the wagon!
Ok, next I love this women, I have all of her turbo jam videos and they are the best workout I have found that I actually love doing! I can't wait to feel the burn with her new videos!
The next is

I told Santa he could get this cheaper on ebay, I checked ;-) And these go hand in hand with the Chalean videos! I've heard nothing but good things about these!
Ok, next on my list doesn't really follow my theme . . . and its sold out so the only way Santa could get it for me is if he paid alot more on ebay :-( So this might have to wait!

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