Friday, March 12, 2010

This American Life

Here's a little iphone app review for "This American Life". This American Life was originally a public radio show broadcast produced by Chicago public radio, and it still is. But they also came out with a TV version that aired on Showtime that won lots of Emmys and now they have there own Iphone app. What This America life does is tell stories, they have a different theme each week and they go around the country and have different people tell there stories in relation to the chosen theme. The app cost 2.99 and I find it very entertaining. I love to play it in the background as I drive or even around the house. I could tell you all about the app and the features but I don't have to because here's a short video telling you about the Iphone App .

You can also watch the shows that appeared on Showtime through the Itunes store or I sometimes will watch them on Netflix.

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