Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Wrap Up!

I had an awesome Valentine's Day . . . actually we celebrated Valentines day Friday the 13th because Jerry had to fly out to New Orleans on Saturday (I'll elaborate on that in a min.). Me and the kids were up late Thursday night making gifts and filling out valentine cards for school the next day. JJ didn't tell me till the day of that he had to decorate a valentine box for school and they were gonna have a contest to see who's was the best. So we worked really hard on this metal lunch pail for him. He was so excited he said "Mama I feel it in my soul, I'm gonna win!"
Well, he didn't win, but he seemed ok about it said that the prize was no big deal just a chocolate heart! But I found out later his teacher thought the pail was so nice she assumed we had bought it! He didn't tell her he MADE it, ok so "we" made it but still! LOL

So my day (Friday) started out with me waking the kids up with there valentine gifts, I got Summer earrings and the boys I got them techdecks. Then later on in the day Jerry surprised me with these beautiful flowers . . . .

Then that night we went to Ruth Chris's Steak house to eat and before we left he got me some more gifts . . . . some earrings and a gold and diamond bangle bracelet. But he never leaves Summer out either he had one of those Vermont teddy Bear's delivered to her and he got her some earrings too! She's gonna be hard pressed to ever find a guy that treats her as good as her Daddy does!

So Jerry was supposed to be in New Orleans for appointments on Sunday and Monday, but because we've been going back and forth trying to figure out what to do with my grandmother he offered to go ahead a day and have a sit down talk with my grandpa and lay it all out for him on what's got to be done for my grandmother. The only flight he could get into New Orleans was 5AM so after taking me out the night before he had to get up before dawn catch a plane to New Orleans drive to Miss. (3 hours) and meet with my grandpa. It turns out my grandpa seems to be on the same page as us. But I told Jerry that out of all the things he gave me for Valentines that was the sweetest gift! It meant alot to me!

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Jen said...

How pretty those are! Where does he go to get your flowers? Are y'all near Field of Flowers?

Natasha said...

I don't remember the name of the florist Jen, but I know he stands there and tells them what he wants! He mixes tropical with floral flowers and apparantly that's a big no no, so at first they would give him grief on it but then they realized how beautiful it turns out and now they actually do it for other customers! Ha!

Beth said...

that pail is too cute! My son would KILL me if I tried to send him to school with something pink, even if it was Vday. lol

Natasha said...

Thanks Beth, He's all boy but lets just say he's comfortable with his manhood! He said a couple of the boys teased him, but he told them to get over it because it was pink for valentines day! LOL