Monday, February 9, 2009

Police raid my house!

Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but I had to get your attention somehow!:-)

Warning this is a long post . . .
We had gone out for family night, we try and do this every Friday night. This past Friday night we went bowling. When we got home we always come in and out thru the garage . . . we reminded Tre tomorrow was garbage day so we went inside and he got the garbage ready and to the curb, I guess we assumed he'd shut the door after he came in. I put the kids to bed, Jerry was asleep before I got them in bed, I stayed up and watched some TV, now normally I double check all the doors, not sure what happened it was one of those freakish things and I just forgot! It probably didn't help that I had a really bad sinus headache. Well I finally went to bed about 11:30 and at 12:30 I woke up to someone yelling Sheriff anyone home???

I jumped out of bed woke Jerry up and told him what I heard, I was half asleep, I had take two Tylenol Pm's so that didn't help. He jumped up told them to hold on and he put some shorts on, no shirt and ran downstairs. There were four police two of them with there guns drawn on Jerry! They asked for his Id and he gave him his license which has his office address on it. So they wanted to see something with his home address on it . . . I woke him out of dead sleep so you can imagine he looked rough and was acting out of it. I mean its obvious he's not a burglar he wasn't even dressed, and his hair a mess! One of the other officer's spoke up and said well that's his picture right there on the wall! Duh!!! They said that our garage door was left open and one of our neighbors called them. They said they knocked but we didn't answer. Let me say right here we have a two story house, if we're upsairs you can't really hear anyone knocking downstairs.
So after Jerry thanked them and shut the garage they left. If I didn't look so rough myself I would of probably gone down to try and take a picture for my Picture of the day (project 365). Jerry would of killed me if I did that! LOL

Anyways, we're pretty close to our neighbors, I found it strange that they would call the police, knowing my neighborse they would of knocked and probably just shut our garage door for us! Also it wasn't that late, and with both of our vehicles parked out front for all they know were up and left it open, it usually stays open when we're home. So we questioned them the next day and no one we knew called. In fact our neighbor next door said they knocked on his door because they ran our plates and they were registered to his house, he said they had to of gotten that wrong! Our neighbor on the end said they parked in front of his house and walked (3 houses down) to our house. He was in his garage working on his motorcycle. I personally believe that they were patrolling the neighborhood and thought maybe we were getting robbed . . . because they saw our door open and two trucks in front of our house. But regardless it was a scary moment just glad it was the police coming in and no one else!

The funny thing is we have an alarm system that we never use. So we decided from now on we'll start using it if only a reminder for us to lock up. Because if I would of went to set the alarm it wouldn't of worked if the garage door was open.

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Scrappin' Jackie said...

Well, that could have been really scary. I would print out a picture of their police car off the internet and journal bout it for my album for sure.
btw, we had a crime spree last year round here with crooks going round opening garage doors with some kind of scrambler thingie and only taking stuff u wouldn't miss right away. they got ALL of john's fishing equipment, but left the laptop and other big stuff. we lost almost $3000 worth of fishing stuff, but it was awful cause we never lock the door from the garage to the house.
live and learn......LOCK up.