Sunday, February 8, 2009


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I think its Outrageous for a women with 6 babies already to go and have 8 babies! I hope they pursue the Dr. in this case because he definitely needs to be under investigation. She, the mother obviously isn't all there mentally.

In this interview she says that she will stop her life for them and be present for them and hold them. So if she's stopping her life and being present who's gonna go to work to make the money to take care of them! I have three kids and there's alot of days I feel stretched just to give them the individual attention that they need and deserve and I have a husband that works 40 plus hours a week to make sure he can provide for us!

I'm not for anyone telling a person what they can't and cannot do but when you use medical intervention to do something like this, there's got to be a limit, a standard. Just look at the legalities someone has to go thru to adopt or be foster parents . . .

This women lives with her parents,in a modest 3 bedroom house doesn't have a job, filed bankruptcy last year but never showed up for the court dates so it didn't go thru. She had a debt of $981,371! She says that after she finishes school she'll be able to provide for her kids, who takes care of her 14 babies while she's in school!

She says in the interview I took a risk, its a gamble! She's gambling with her babies lives! What about health care, how is she gonna provide health care for 14 babies that apparently some of them will most likely have special medical needs. I guess that will be up to us the taxpayers!

Ok, stepping off my soapbox (for now) if you read this whole post well, God bless you, I feel privilidged to live in a country where I can get on the world wide web and say what I want to!

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