Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Iphone App's

The best part about meeting someone with an Iphone is comparing apps. I'm always amazed at the new stuff I find, new features I learn about when meeting fellow Iphonie's, as I lovingly refer to them! I think I have close to 100 Iphone apps on my phone, but of course I don't use them all on a regular basis, I do have my favorites! I'm constantly on the look out for new apps to download, so I thought as I research and find good apps that I enjoy I will start posting on here for my fellow Iphone users! So to kick things off, here's a new one I found that is really for no other purpose but for sheer amusement, but now that I said that actually it might be of good use to some . . . The app is called Scanner911. This is not the first police/EMS scanner that I have downloaded but it is by far the best with the most features!

It has a "Hot 100 List" where you can hear scanners that are the really active all the time. You can record scan's you hear. This app can even locate you and tell you what scanners are around you. You can label your favorite scanners so you can always go to those. In the setting's tab you can even change your scanner's skin. It lets you know which scanner's are offline. But my favorite part is you can play this app in the background while you are using other app's. I love background noise whether its music or TV when I'm creating or working I want something in the background and this works awesome! PS It even has 4 Haiti Scanner's!

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"A Chance at Life" said...

Thanks darling .... from your fellow iPhoner ; }

Kip said...

I'll be getting an IPhone when my current phone contract runs out in a year and will be sure to check back to find out some of your apps! See you at Winter Retreat!