Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day One - My Holiday Values

As you may have already read from my previous post, I'm taking Jessica Sprague's Online Class entitled Holidays in Hand. So the first assignment was to post in your journal or your online blog what your holiday values are, those things we treasure most and the hopes we have for ourselves and our families during the holiday season.

In reflecting back on the Christmas holiday's I experienced as a child there were certain traditions that I'll always remember and so my hope for my family is that we make our own special holiday traditions, ones my kids can reflect upon as they get older and feel comforted by them.

1.Create lasting Traditions

2.Have a calmer more peaceful Christmas, Which means I need not to stress so much about the little things because we all know when Momma is calm everyone seems to be calmer and at peace.

3. Teach my kids about giving to others. As a family I would like to make up some packages for the troops or maybe for toys for tots, regardless I want to take the kids and let them pick the gifts out and wrap and deliver them.

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