Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bachelor

If you know me you know I'm a total reality TV junkie, but hey at least I admit it right? I didn't get to watch The Bachelor in real time I had to watch it today. But I was very careful, not to go on Facebook, Twitter, or watch any entertainment news because I didn't want to spoil the ending.

But my opinion seems very different then most of my friends on this subject, although I don't necessarily like Vienna I'm not the one dating her or marrying her. I actually really like Gia. But I know exactly what Jake was talking about when he was talking about how something with Tenely felt forced.

I've dated enough people in my life to know the difference when you have that spark,that chemistry that x-factor with someone. I've dated people who had everything going for them, good looks, personality and etc, but it was missing something and sure I could of made it work with one of them but I think deep down your soul longs for that passion and chemistry. Its not something you can pinpoint or describe. When I met Jerry we had that undeniable chemistry, it was off the charts. I mean I had felt chemistry before with people but not like that. We met at my sister's wedding we danced at the wedding and went out afterwards and it was just understood that we were together from that moment on. We married four months later! When you know you know.

But let me say I think it take more then chemistry to keep two people together, there's a lot that factors into that and who know's if Jake and Vienna will be able to stick it through. In a marriage you have to re-spark that chemistry you first felt for each other. The Bachelor show doesn't have a very good success rate, but I do believe that Jake was right to go with those feelings he had with Vienna, because he would of never had that with Tenely and he would of always been searching for it.

In my Opinion anyone's who has felt that undeniable attraction and chemistry for someone has to understand why Jake would choose that over the safe sure bet of Tenely.

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Denita said...

Honestly I do not agree with either of them being the right choice!!! I will actually blog about this very same subject myself later today because I too like you have some very strong opinions on the whole meeting on TV business.....

*LOVE* ya chica ; }

Leslie said...

Hey Natasha! Fellow reality TV junkie! Yes! I'm a member too!! Anywho..I agree. I didn't like Vienna at first but I didn't see what she was doing that was so horrible! In the end I liked her. I'm pretty sure careful editing kept us for seeing the true Vienna. It surly was more fun to have her be a villian. Nevertheless, I KNEW Tenley wasn't the right one. He looked like he was in pain when he was with her. Because she was together, cute, sweet, all those things..but she didn't make him "FEEL" like Vienna did and he knew Tenley was awesome and he wanted to feel it with her....but he just didn't. I think he made a great choice.

Anonymous said...

OMY! You are soooooooooooooo right in sooooooo many ways!! love your blog!!

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

Reality TV Junkie here! I think Vienna is a bit off the wall, but she's interesting, and much smarter than they portrayed her I believe. Jake and her have had chemistry all along, so he must be a little crazy too:) Hopefully it will work out for them! I was totally going with Ali to be his choice, but we'll see what happens with her as the next Bachelorette!